The 100 (Part 1)

Grace Bagunu
3 min readSep 12, 2021


No, not the fantasy, sci-fi TV series, but a list of 100 qualities, characteristics, experiences, moments I desire or want from a life partner. I was fortunate to have one of the most amazing spiritual guides give me this task. She said it would be difficult. It’s been years in the making. And, well, it’s still not done. I did start it…and I was surprised by some of the things I have written. So, maybe this 100 Days of Writing Project will give me ample opportunity to finish it. For now…

  1. Takes me on a hot air balloon ride
  2. Makes me laugh
  3. Believes in God/Spiritual
  4. Good listener
  5. Watches the sunset with me
  6. Gives me forehead kisses
  7. Dances with me
  8. Likes good food, possibly cooks
  9. Sings to me
  10. Holds my hand
  11. Gives good hugs, all the time
  12. Cuddles with me
  13. Watches movies on the couch with me
  14. Let’s me sleep on the side of the bed away from the door
  15. Likes to travel
  16. Learns my likes and dislikes
  17. is thoughtful
  18. Anticipates my wants and needs
  19. Puts a hand on my lower back (especially right before bed)
  20. Tells me “I love you”
  21. Lets me cry when I need to
  22. Remembers important dates (for the both of us!)
  23. and Gently reminds me when I forget
  24. Plays Pokemon Go or is cool that I play it
  25. Opens the car door for me (even though I am able to open it for myself)
  26. Makes me a playlist
  27. Says “Hello” when they see me
  28. Really sees me and notices slight changes
  29. Supports me and the work that I love to do
  30. Does walks and talks with me
  31. Will work with me at a coffee shop
  32. Learns me and still chooses to love me
  33. Will go on adventures with me
  34. Learns how I like my tea
  35. Loves to make love with me
  36. Takes me on wine or beer tastings
  37. Finds a new restaurant to go to for restaurant week
  38. Offers to take my car to get washed
  39. Brings me hydrangea flowers
  40. Sleeps next to me even though I snore
  41. Is willing to go on a vacation without any set plans
  42. Goes to a Kansas City Chiefs game with me
  43. Knows how to fix things
  44. Will go on late night food adventures to one of our favorite spots
  45. Date nights include staying home and ordering in
  46. Will fly back home just to attend a special event that matters to me
  47. Goes to church with me
  48. Always tries to make the most out of life and what it has to offer
  49. Has a smile that melts my heart
  50. Looks me in the eyes as if there’s nothing to hide and no one else to see
  51. Is understanding when I have to work or when I want to work inconsistent hours
  52. Will go to the theater with me
  53. Has a nerdy-ness to them so that we can enjoy comic con together
  54. Loves different forms of art and will go see it as often as possible
  55. Supports local and makes conscious efforts to spend money to build up minority-owned businesses
  56. Fixes things around the house, like when the battery in the smoke detector needs to be replaced or a ceiling fan light bulb needs to be changed
  57. Doesn’t get too annoyed with me when I run late for EVERYTHING and anticipates me being late and plans accordingly

This is where my list stops and it is where I plan to begin again. She did say it would be difficult. She also said it will help me to be more specific and clear about what I want and that it will be something on this list that allows the Universe to signal to me who will be that life partner. Stay tuned for more!



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