Day 10 of the 100 Days of Writing Project: Recap and Reflection

It’s been 10 days since I started this #100daysproject and it is the hardest thing for me to find time to write every day. It often happens in the last hours of the day as I try to squeeze in a few lines and moments of writing before the clock hits midnight. It’s no wonder why I never got to writing before this project…I’m exhausted after a long day of work and all I want to do is crawl into bed and here I am writing.

10% of this #100daysofwritingproject is complete and I am pleased with what I have accomplished despite the challenge of a busy work schedule. And each of my writing pieces held some level of vulnerability, authenticity, and sincerity. I wrote about my past, my current dating life, and my desires for the future. I wrote for work, for personal reasons, and for healing. Most importantly, I think about writing and what I could write about every day for the last 10 days and I do it!

What do I want out of the next 90 days? More academic writing, less avoiding my dissertation. More self awareness journaling, less self judgement voices in my head. More practice, less procrastination. I want to continue to build my capacity for writing. I want to continue to read others’ work and build connections through our stories and interactions.

I’m excited for how this project will push me to write and share more of my feelings, to create new pieces related to my research, and be in community with other writers. I’m so inspired by others who are sharing their writing practice and work, and I am grateful for those who have joined the Facebook group. I appreciate everyone who has taken the time to read a post or engage in kind and helpful feedback. I’m grateful to have the time to practice and get into the habit of writing.



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Grace Bagunu

Higher education and leadership professional. Ukulele novice. Aspiring writer. Humom to two cute pups. Lover of sunsets. Co-creator of #100daysofwritingproject