An Open Letter to Remember You By

Grace Bagunu
3 min readSep 9, 2021


Photo by Debby Hudson on Unsplash

This is an open letter to you,

My brother in Heaven.

I will never forget — today is your birthday.

Happy Birthday, Kuya Moe!

I imagine you having a party with God and all of our ancestors.

There’s no doubt you are making everyone laugh with your jokes.

I will never forget — how you always made us laugh.

It was never a dull moment with you.

Even in your last days on this Earth

you had jokes.

I will never forget — that time you wanted more ice chips

or was it water?

Wait! was I Benedict? or was I Arnold?

Not that either of those names matter,

because it was you who gave me my nickname:

B (Family use only, please)

I will never forget — when I asked you,

why B?

You said it was because,

“C’mon, A!” (in that voice I can still hear in my head!)

didn’t sound as good.

I will never forget — how you never let me (or anyone else)

miss out on knowing that you changed my diapers.

Of course, now I tell everyone that story about us.

I will never forget — going on dates with you and Sandra.

Actually, I don’t remember those moments. I was too young.

I just remember all the times I would hear the stories

of how you would bring me along,

ask me random math problems,

to solve so fast. (and impress your date!)

or maybe you were just so proud of me.

I will never forget — living with you.

In Kansas City for a few summers as an adolescent,

and especially, those last few months in Friant.

You always welcomed me into your home.

Trusted me to pick out the right card.

or cut the pear just the way you liked it.

I will never forget — the fun we had,

how I was the last one you took out on the boat to go fishing,

playing card games and talking trash around the table,

eating delicious food and drinking great wine.

I’ll never forget — how you made me feel.

Loved and supported my whole life.

Coming to my graduations.

Encouraging me to keep singing and playing the ukulele,

and you helped me buy my first professional uke!

I loved playing and singing worship songs with you.

I will never forget — those brother and sister moments

when we would look at each other

and know exactly what the other was thinking





I will never forget — you.

I will always remember.


Your baby sister,


Me and Kuya Moe



Grace Bagunu

Higher education and leadership professional. Ukulele novice. Aspiring writer. Humom to two cute pups. Lover of sunsets. Co-creator of #100daysofwritingproject